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This image illustrates an aerial rendering of Toronto's Downsview Park future redevelopment plan, which is currently underway - http://www.urbancorp.com/images/Downsview-Aerial-Rendering.jpg

Interested in supporting the planning of the Downsview lands?

Northcrest Developments and Canada Lands Company are working together to plan the future of their lands in Downsview – a process we call id8 Downsview. An essential part of the process is effective communication and engagement with members of the public, communities, and stakeholders. Northcrest and Canada Lands are reconvening the Community Resource Group (CRG) for a new 1-year term to continue supporting a transparent, accountable, and meaningful process informed by multi-way communication between multiple interests including community members, the City of Toronto, Northcrest and Canada Lands.

For the past two years, the id8 Downsview Community Resource Group has provided regular community input into different planning projects in Downsview. The new CRG term will continue to be a forum for sharing perspectives and advice on planning and development of Downsview with Northcrest and Canada Lands, as well as supporting the City-led Update Downsview processes including the Downsview Community Development Plan, Secondary Plan, Environmental Assessment, and other City-led initiatives. To help reduce barriers for participation, CRG members will receive an honorarium for each meeting.

If you/ your organization are interested in participating in the id8 Downsview Community Resource Group, please find more information and apply at: id8downsview.ca/applycrg
The deadline to apply is August 13, 2023.

Hard copies of applications are available upon request.

For any questions, comments and/or support with accessibility accommodations, please reach out to Ruth Belay at ruth@thirdpartypublic.ca or (416) 572-4365.

Visit us at id8downsview.ca for more information on the project!