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NYHS 100th anniversary

North York Turned 100 in 2022!

The North York Historical Society celebrated this milestone with programs and walking tours. We held a special event on June 13, 2022 with the Mayor of Toronto and several Councillors to help celebrate North York’s 100th year!

On June 13, 1922 a Bill was passed to allow for the formation of the Township of North York, separating from the Township of York.

The North York Seal depicted a Canadian beaver (representing an industrious people), wheat sheaf (denoting fertility of the land and prosperity of the people), and scales (indicative of justice) under which were the words, “Progress with Economy”. Municipal buildings were built and police, fire and other departments organized to serve the people of North York, with a population then of 6,000. North York has come a long way since then!

The North York Historical Society will be sharing stories of North York’s history and celebrating North York multicultural diversity.

Please watch our website, North York Historical Society, Twitter (@NorthYorkHS) and Instagram (@NorthYorkHS) postings for news and updates on our programming and events.