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NYHS Launches Toronto.com Local History Column

Following our recent news (Announcing NYHS’s New Local History Column), the NYHS is very pleased to share our first piece on Toronto.com, written by NYHS director Susan Goldenberg.

Overtaxed and Underserviced, North York Broke Away from Toronto in 1922

‘Residents hauled ashes to fill potholes,’ writes Susan Goldenberg

What is now North York has been around a very long time.

In the early 1920s proof was found that animal life in North York dated back thousands of years when a farmer digging in a pit on his land discovered a six-foot tusk that an archaeologist estimated was between 10,000 and 25,000 years old.

North York has a strong First Nations legacy. Between 1400 and 1650 the Hurons set up encampments along the banks of Black Creek, a Humber River tributary, where Pioneer Village now stands at Jane and Steeles. A narrow footpath through the woods … read more