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Grace Anyu Sun, NYHS Youth Committee Coordinator

NYHS Welcomes Grace Anyu Sun as New Youth Committee Coordinator

The NYHS is pleased to announce that Grace Anyu Sun has joined us as Coordinator of the new NYHS Youth Committee.

We’ve asked Grace to share a bit about herself and how she came to be interested in North York history. Welcome Grace!

Hi everyone! I’m Grace, a Grade 10 student from Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts. I’m so honoured to be appointed as the Youth Director by the Board of the North York Historical Society (NYHS).

North York has been my home ever since my family immigrated to Canada 10 years ago. We are so lucky to land in North York, as it is a modern city with multiple cultures and history. Thank you for NYHS’s hard work in protecting the history of North York. This atmosphere allowed me to integrate into modern life in Canada and have a personal experience of Canadian history at the same time.

I still remember when I was an SK student at Mckee P.S., I saw a big sign pinned on a concrete boundary. At the time, I only know the word Jacob on it as it’s a name I learned from the Bible. Then, I learnt more words and know it is a sign for Jacob Cummer who was the founder of Willowdale.

I have also been volunteering at Parkview Neighbourhood Garden since SK. The building beside the garden is the historical site John Mckenzie’s House, which was built in 1913. All of the garden tools were put in a house shed, which was built in 1915. When I walked into the shed, it would feel like I was walking into history.

This type of life makes me gradually understand that history is not far away from us. It’s still a part of life and we will be part of it in the future. So, promoting and protecting history is everyone’s responsibility.

My personal experience also let me understand and believe:

If there are more opportunities provided to youth that help them to be more involved in local culture and history, it will help them create a stronger sense of belonging to their community. Their feedback on it will be a contribution to community development.

I hope to do something for my community from the youth’s point of view. The North York Historical Society is a home for anyone who loves history and hopes to contribute to it. In my eyes, it’s the protecting angel for North York History. So, I decided to become a member. I believe this is the best decision I made, as I received such a precious opportunity to learn from many professional experts. Thank you all for your support and trust!

Written by Grace Anyu Sun, NYHS Youth Committee Coordinator (NYHSYouthCommittee@nyhs.ca)