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The Beatle Bandit – Author Nate Hendley

April 19, 2023 @ 6:30 pm
North York Central Library - Room 1
5120 Yonge St
North York
ON M2N 5N9

Nate Hendley is a Toronto-based journalist and true-crime author. His most recent book, The Beatle Bandit, won the Crime Writers of Canada Award of Excellence for Non-Fiction 2022. Nate has also written books about gangsters, cons and hoaxes, and bandit duo Bonnie and Clyde. For more information about Nate’s books and background, visit his website at www.natehendley.com.

The Beatle Bandit: A Serial Bank Robber’s Deadly Heist, A Cross-Country Manhunt, and the Insanity Plea that Shook the Nation.

Matthew Kerry Smith was a troubled navy veteran who robbed Toronto-area banks in the early 1960s to finance a one-man revolution. On July 24, 1964, disguised in a Halloween mask and a “Beatle” wig, Smith held up a bank at Bathurst Manor Plaza in North York, Ontario. Smith killed a patron who tried to intervene, then escaped. Dubbed “The Beatle Bandit” by the media, Smith’s actions fueled a nationwide debate about gun control, insanity pleas, and the death penalty.

The book, The Beatle Bandit, written by Nate Hendley and published in November 2021 by Dundurn Press, details Smith’s life.